Gorribal from Southern Barrens

Gorribal in Silithus

Before we were able to defeat Sargeras, he thrust his sword, Gorribal, into Silithus in Azeroth.

It’s the largest object I’ve seen in the world and it has destroyed the land around it, including Cenarion Hold, and many Qiraji hives. I flew from Darnassus towards Tanaris and I started to see the sword in the Barrens. Once I got to Silithus, I was able to fly close to it and thankfully I was unharmed. However, there are swirling red waves from the hilt and a bone-like edge that some may find terrifying. I have no idea how strong the denizens of Azeroth will need to be to relieve this “wound in the world.”

Gorribal seen from Southern Barrens
Gorribal seen from Dustwallow Marsh
Gorribal seen from Thousand Needles
Gorribal seen from Tanaris
Gorribal seen in Silithus

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