Oahu Sunset October 2017

Oahu 2017

I hadn’t been to Oahu in over 10 years. I drove around the island many times, just the way i like it! I met up w/ Steve, hung out with Marisa and Haylie, and was blessed with Espe & rainbows for Honolulu Pride!

With some brief research, I chose to stay at Queen Kapiolani Hotel; it was a great choice for location and price, and I was so glad that once I checked in, I immediately saw a nice view outside my room:

Queen Kapiolani Hotel room view

After an afternoon run around Diamond Head—for the first time ever—I was then super lucky to be brought by Steve to a delicious/so ono place like Marukame Udon in Oahu! The line didn’t seem to take very long at all (30ish minutes?) since we were catching up, and I was definitely surprised that the udon was being freshly made, out in the open, and in such a large portion, with more ingredient options than I expected, at a very modest price!

Murakame Udon freshly made

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a solo drive around the island. My favorite thing!

The next day was Honolulu Pride.

The festival was at the Waikiki Shell, and after party at Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand, right next to my hotel!



The next day, I got my wish to drive around the island again, but this time with Marisa and Haylie. We stopped by a semi-secret locals only spot where we could get down to the cliffs.


At the end of the day, Marisa brought me to the sea wall to catch the sunset.

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